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Id. 92005-12-01
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

First time in oure kennel a Minibulls came on world. Two white females and two dogs (ore-white and black-white) weight 270-300g.

Id. 82005-10-20
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

A new Minibull dog came to oure kennel from Inglislim kennel. His name is Spike and he has got 8 months.

Id. 72005-07-15
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Oliwer became an Interchampion - we got documents from Brussels.

Id. 62005-05-09
Munich (Germany)

A eight week's Amstaff puppie "Maximus Casius" came from USA to Munich. It is oure new baby.

Id. 52005-04-11

A bitch "Jumanji Redwood z Machowa Kraje" has given birth 5 puppies (1 female and 4 males) in blue and black color. Their father is Oliwer black Florida.

Id. 42005-04-10
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today 5 Staffs puppies came on world after bitch "Heba Nova Pullera" and oure dog "Mad Dynastia Bulli".

Id. 32005-03-10
Kaliningrad (Russia)

Today 8 beutifull puppies (4 males and 4 females) came on world. Their father is Oliwer Black Florida.

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