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Id. 702011-10-21
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today morning, Gabi born 6 beautiful puppies. There are 3 girls (2 black with white markings and 1 white with markings) and 3 boys (all white, including 2 with meanings).

Id. 692011-10-14
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today, Niagara daughter was born. Colour - brindle with white. Small is a very strong beginning to gain weight. Zasili naszą hodowlę.

Id. 682011-09-14
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today's ultrasound confirmed that Gabi will have little bulls. Planned birth 21.10.2011r.

Id. 672011-08-01
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today, an ultrasound confirmed that Pita is pregnant. Planned birth 27.08.2011.

Id. 662011-05-14
Charzykowy (Poland)

At the club show ranking for 2010 was announced. Our Gabi won the race and the bullterrier's general classification with a very large majority. She won with 3517 points. Next in the ranking staffik 2881 points, and the third minibull 1700 points.

Id. 652011-05-05
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today Zeta born 5 tabbies boys with a very pretty heads. In the coming days we send tests to the PLL. Puppies can be clear or carrier. The results will immediately tell.

Id. 642011-04-30
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today Heidy was born three very pretty puppies - brindle and white. There are 2 girls and 1 boy. Mom and babies are doing well.

Id. 632011-04-03
Berlin (Germany)

Bitch from our breeding White Mery Maryniax Ewimark Rakownia at international exhibition in Berlin, beat all competitors in the race and was the best miniature bull terrier. Congratulations to the Aga and Mark.

Id. 622011-04-01
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Ultrasound examination showed that the Zeta is szczenna - this is no April Fool. She should give birth around 08.05.2011r. Immediately after birth do puppies for PLL testing. They can be clean and carriers.

Id. 612011-03-25
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today we went with Heidy on ultrasound.
We have confirmation that Heidy is pregnant. We expect puppies around 2nd May 2011.

Id. 602011-03-22

In those days we were with our female Gabi in the "Megaville" kennel Anna and Pete Blair. We cover her with England Champion - VISIONS Megaville dog, who in 2010 in England became "Top Bull Terrier Puppy" and took 2nd place in the "Top Bull Terrier Junior 2010" and was sixth in the "Top Bull Terriers 2010". The dog has very good movement and very good pedigree.
We met with an extremely welcome in the Anna and Pete. Opacity was twice in a natural way. Thank you very much for mating Visions with Gabi and for about three weeks we will let you know about results of the ultrasound. The dog has a hearing, heart and kidneys tests.

Id. 592011-03-07
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

This time we covered, our female ZETA JONES (PLL CARRIER) with the WILD WEST DESPERADO from "OD RUDEJ WIEDŹMY” kennel. PLL CLEAR. Breeder very experienced, very often used for mating. A very nice puppies are born after him.

Id. 582011-03-02
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

In these days We cover Heidy Ewimark Rakownia with dog from our kennel Warbonnet Jumping Jack / CHIP. We opted for Chip, because puppies with small and beautiful heads are born after him.
All puppies PLL CARRIER.

Id. 572011-01-02
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today Sisi gave birth to a boy the color red with white. Father is Chip. Baby feel good.

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