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Id. 832012-12-31

We are pleased to announce that on 31.12.2012 in BOSSMO kennel puppies were born after our stud "GUCIU".
All information on the website:

Id. 812012-12-09
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today we received from Wildax breeding in England female, "MAJA". Thank you very much Margaret and Frank for a very nice girl. I think that together with Guci she will be great in the show rings.
May was born on September 20, 2012 by:
Father WILDAX AUGUSTUS BROWN ( TOP Puppy 2012, 2CCs, 2RCCs )

Id. 802012-10-28

In Italy held the first bull terrier memorial: "1 ITALIAN BULL TERRIER CHALLENGER". Competed a star fom our kennel, living in Italy Clementine Cherie Ewimark Rakownia.
She was the best in the whole show BOB - BIS.

Congratulations on another great success for Moni and Bob.

Id. 792012-10-28
Lviv (Ukraine)

At this international exhibition showed up Yaga's brother - Jockhammer for Venturesome Ewimark Rakownia "CAR" - CAC Junior, Junior BOB, BOB.

Congratulations to Lera for CAR's success.

Id. 782012-10-20
Poznan (Poland)

In Poznan 20-21 October, there were two international exhibitions. On the first day JAGA EWIMARK RAKOWNIA in the hands of Darek Pawlak - Junior Winner, Best Junior and Best of Breed.
On the second day, the same girl - JUNIOR WINNER, BEST JUNIOR, POLISH JUNIOR WINNER title and a nomination for Cruft's 2013.

Congratulations Darek.

Id. 772012-10-07
Matzen (Austria)

On October 06-07 held HAUCK MEMORIAL 2012.
On the first day we showed Kiki. She was out of his class with a rating of "very promising".
On the second day at the TROPHY SHOW we presented DEIL and he got HAUCK RUNNER-UP (reserve champion) title.

Id. 762012-10-05
Bucharest (Romania)

We are very pleased with the great success of dog from our breeding Jockhammer for Venturesome Ewimark Rakownia, who lives in Ukraine. Our friend Lera showed him on European exhibition in Bucharest. He competed in the junior class and won all the dogs in the breed. He won the title EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2012. The day before, showed up beautifully, becoming the best junior in breed.
Congratulations Lera for the success of Carey.

Id. 752012-09-01
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Gucio became dad. Six Bostonians was born, 2 girls and 4 boys.

Id. 742012-06-15
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today Niagara gave birth to 5 puppies. Three females (one white with markings on the ears and two brindle with white markings) and two boys (one white and one tabby with white).
Mom and babies are doing well.

Id. 732012-05-10
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today's ultrasound confirmed that Niagara is pregnant. Father's of children will be "Menusha’s Uncas For Ruda Wiedźa".
The planned birth on June 17th.

Id. 722012-03-29
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today we went with Gabi on ultrasound, which confirmed that our female is pregnant. The expected birth 05.06.2012. As a stud we used MEGAVILLE IT'S A CRIME

Id. 712012-01-24
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

We are pleased to inform that our kennel has expanded for a new breed of "BOSTON TERRIER".

We just came back after a long journey from England, where in Liverpool in the breeding Wildax we received 9-month dog WILDAX BOOT OF GLASS, born 18.04.2011. This is the first known dog from this kennel in Poland.
Parents were tested for cataract and the kneecap and are free of these diseases. Our BOOT by DNA testing is also free from cataracty. After completing one year will be tested on the kneecap.

Our toddler was exhibited in England with success. He won the nomination for Crufts, and has been notified and will be featured at this year's show in March.

Thank you Margaret and Frank for your kind welcome and very promising dog.


Wildax The Go Go Dancer

1 CC

2 RCCs

Patella tested and DNA tested
clear of Hereditary Cataracts.

& father

Ch Wildax Scaramouche

Top Boston 2009

Top Puppy 2006

RCC Crufts 2007

CC Crufts 2008

CC Crufts 2009

23 CCs. 26 RCCs

Utility Group 3

Patella tested and DNA tested
clear of Hereditary Cataracts.

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