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Dog Show in which our dogs participated in:

2010 2011 2012

Id. 3562011-12-18
Vilnius (Lithuania) International show

A very successful trip to the exhibition in our favorite Vilnius. Deil on the first day was the best in breed - BOB, and the second on was the Best Junior.

Deil: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ,

Id. 3552011-12-17
Vilnius (Lithuania) International show

Deil: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoB,

Id. 3542011-12-03
Świebodzice (Poland) National show

National Show in Świebodzice. Deil again the best in breed.

Deil: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoB,

Id. 3532011-11-20
Zagreb (Croatia) International show

It was a nice wekend in Zagreb. On Friday was the club exhibition. Deil won the title Junior Club Winner, winning the race and II in the Bis.
On Saturday at the international exhibition for the second time was nominated for CRUFTS 2012 as Best Junior.
On Sunday, Best Junior in Breed, and thus obtained the title of JUNIOR CHAMPION OF CROATIA and the title ZAGREB JUNIOR WINNER.

Deil: exc 1, BestJ, CAC.J,

Id. 3522011-11-19
Zagreb (Croatia) International show

Deil: exc 1, CAC.J,

Id. 3512011-11-18
Zagreb (Croatia) Club show

Deil: exc 1, BestJ, BoB, BIS 3, CAC.J,

Id. 3502011-11-06
Luxembourg (Luxembourg) International show

Further success story Deil. In Luxemburg wins race and wins another title LUXEMBURG JUNIOR CHAMPION. Selected to a wide group III finals and Junior.
Thank you Michael for another success with the Deil.

Deil: exc 1, BoB, CAC.J, BEST Dog,

Id. 3492011-10-23
Poznan (Poland) International show

Deil on two international exhibitions in Poznan started in junior class and twice was the best in breed - BOB. On the second day he was nominated for CRUFTS 2012, won the title JUNIOR POLAND WINNER 2011 and graduated JUNIOR POLAND CHAMPION.

Deil: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoB,

Id. 3482011-10-22
Poznan (Poland) International show
Deil: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoB,

Id. 3472011-10-09
Zabrze (Poland) National show

At the national show in Zabrze - Deil began racing in the junior class. Very successful. Won the race and on the bis group III took 3rd place.
Keep it up Deil. The next two starts in Poznań.

Deil: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoG 3, BoB,

Id. 3462011-09-24
Wroclaw (Poland) International show

I am pleased to announce that our miniature bull terrier dog JUMPING JACK Warbonnet / CHIP / acquired the rights to use the title INTERCHAMPION.
This is the 10th dog in our kennel with the title "International Champion".
At this exhibition, Chip was the best dog in the breed - CACIB.
Our little Deli - BEST PUPPY. We did not showed him to the finals because he had damaged pad. Deil completed shows in puppy class. We showed Deil at 13 shows in this class. At 9 shows was on the BIS PUPPY podium including the European exhibition.
Now, before him shows in the Junior Class.

Deil: VP, BestP,
Chip: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoS,

Id. 3452011-09-03
Leeuwarden (Netherlands) National show

This year was the organizer of the exhibition of the European Netherlands. We went with two minibullterriers - Chip and Deil. On the occasion of the European exhibition was organized national show. Chip on both shows was excellent. Took place 4 out of 5 starters in his class, and the second of two national. Deil as usual at a high level. On both he was the best puppy in breed and the European BIS-e took 2nd place.

Deil: VP 1, BestP,
Chip: exc 2,

Id. 3442011-09-01
Leeuwarden (Netherlands) Europe show

Deil: BIS Puppy 2, VP 1, BestP,
Chip: exc 4,

Id. 3432011-08-28
Bialystok (Poland) International show

Branch in Bialystok, organized two exhibitions in which we showed Deil in puppy class. On the first day on the terrier national show Deil won the puppy class and on BIS 2nd place. On Sunday on the international show he won the best puppy in breed and the BIS finals was first.

Deil: BIS Puppy 1, VP 1,

Id. 3422011-08-27
Bialystok (Poland) National show

Deil: BIS Puppy 2, VP 1,

Id. 3412011-08-07
Druskieniki (Lithuania) type Bull Club show

As every year, We attended four shows in Druskieniki. Gabi graduated CHAMPION OF LITHUANIA. Three times she won the race / BOB / and was third in the BIS Type Bull. Deil was the best PUPPY on four exhibitions and BIS 1 twice, BIS 2 once and BIS 3rd once. Very nice weather and great atmosphere.

Deil: BIS Puppy 1, VP 1, BestP,
Gabi: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoS, BIS 3,

Id. 3402011-08-07
Druskieniki (Lithuania) Terriers Club show

Deil: BIS Puppy 1, VP 1, BestP,
Gabi: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoBP,

Id. 3392011-08-06
Druskieniki (Lithuania) International show
Deil: BIS Puppy 2, VP 1, BestP,
Gabi: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoB, BoS,

Id. 3382011-08-05
Druskieniki (Lithuania) International show
Deil: BIS Puppy 3, VP 1, BestP,
Gabi: exc 2,

Id. 3372011-07-24
Koszalin (Poland) National show

We are every year at the exhibition. This time we took Chip and Deil. There was a lot of joy, Chip was the best in breed / BOB /, 4th place on the BIS type BULL and 4th place in group / BOG IV /.
Deilu already accustomed us to success and this time did not disappoint. Best puppy in breed, and once the 5th BIS I.

Deil: BIS Puppy 1, VP 1, BestP,
Chip: exc 1, CAC, BoG 4, BoB, BoS, BIS TB 4,

Id. 3362011-07-08
Paris (France) International show

The good weather before the show world. On Friday afternoon Tuliszewski Michal, whom I thank for the show professional Deil, took off from Deil. And like yesterday Deil BEST PUPPY, so that the most important exhibition in the year and higher rate. We came back very satisfied. I would like to thank Kinga and Agata for nice company in Paris escapade, and a big help at the exhibition.

Deil: VP 1, BestP,

Id. 3352011-07-07
Paris (France) France Champion show

On Tuesday we got to cemping near Paris. From the morning on Wednesday, visiting Paris with attractions, we got a show of military aircraft on the Seine. Of course, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. On Thursday early morning, was the first Deil's exhibition - "CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE" and the victory, the best puppy in breed - BEST PUPPY

Deil: VP 1, BestP,

Id. 3342011-07-03
Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland) National show

Today Deil debut in puppy class. Upheld the tradition of previous exhibitions has been the best puppy of the exhibition BIS PUPPY I.

Deil: BIS Puppy 1, VP 1,

Id. 3332011-06-18
Szczecin (Poland) International show

It was a very successful day for our dogs. Gabi was the best bitch in breed, got CACIB and ended the way for INTERCHAMPION ( including this 11 x CACIB ). This is our 9th INTERCHAMPION. Deil as usual, the best BABY in breed and first in the BIS BABY.

Deil: BIS Baby 1, VP 1,
Gabi: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoS,

Id. 3322011-06-04
Leszno (Poland) International show

In the terrible heat as in Leszno. Deil on his second show won the second time BIS BABY I. Gabi with an excellent assessment 1 place in Champion class.

Deil: BIS Baby 1, VP 1,
Gabi: exc 1, CAC,

Id. 3312011-05-22
Czaplinek (Poland) Terriers Club show

Our hope Deil debuted at the terriers' club show in Czaplinek. Aroused the interest, received a beautiful description and took first place of the BIS baby.

Deil: BIS Baby 1, VP 1,

Id. 3302011-05-15
Dorndorf (Germany) Club show

In a small Dorndorf town situated in the picturesque Thuringia Gabi ended the race for the German Championship. She was the best bull terrier / BOB /, won the best choice in the type of bull. In choosing the best dog show (BIS), 3 dogs competed in this our Gabi. Granted only 1 place - won a very nice IRISH SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIER dog import from U.S. from champions WHEATEN REBEL FOR NELSON'S NAVY.

Gabi: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BIS 3,

Id. 3292011-04-17
Inowroclaw (Poland) National show

Continuation of wonderful Weakend with Gabi in the lead role. Our Gabi was the best dog on BIS Inowroclaw exhibition.
Thank you Jose Luis and Michael for Gabi present.

Gabi: exc 1, CAC, BoG 1, BoB, BoS, BIS 1,

Id. 3282011-04-16
Grudziadz (Poland) National show

Gabi finished POLISH CHAMPION on exhibition in Grudziadz. She won the race and was the best in the group III - BOG.

Gabi: exc 1, CAC, BoG 1, BoB, BoS,

Id. 3272011-03-18
Katowice (Poland) International show

We were forced to show up in Katowice, to end the breeding powers of Zeta (excellent II).
On the occasion we demonstrated the Chip. He won his class, and further RCACIB.
Congratulations to Rockefelera Ewimark Rakownia (CHICO) for completing Interchampion. He was the best dog - CACIB. This is the second mini-dog from our kennel (first: Milion Miles – KAZZO), where he graduated INTERCHAMPION.

Zeta: exc 2,
Chip: exc 1, rCACIB, CAC,

Id. 3262011-03-12
Birmingham (England) CRUFT 2011 show

This year in CRUFT we presented our miniature bitch Zeta Jones. Unfortunately, Zeta was off investment. Lacked the temperament, but ill suppressed journey. However, it was worth to go, meet friends and see other breeders dogs. Next year probably will again.

Zeta: ,

Id. 3252011-03-06
Drzonków (Poland) National show

Zeta shown in intermediate class - excellent 1, CAC

Zeta: exc 1, CAC,

Id. 3242011-02-27
Leszno (Poland) Champion show

Gabi after a long break in the exhibitions shown in the ring in Leszno. The show was unsuccessful, run instead of continuous spikes and the judge could not assess Gabi in motion. Well-deserved second place.

Gabi: exc 2,

Id. 3232011-02-13
Bydgoszcz (Poland) National show

We were with the Pita on 2 shows in Bydgoszcz. Pita competed in champion class, she won twice.

Pita: exc 1, CAC,

Id. 3222011-02-12
Bydgoszcz (Poland) National show

Pita: exc 1, CAC,

Id. 3212011-01-16
Gdynia (Poland) National show

The first exhibition in the new year. Thanks courtesy of Kate and Philip we could show our 2 dogs.
Chip won the race with perfect note and finished POLISH CHAMPION.
Pita was the best bitch in breed.

Pita: exc 1, CAC, BoS,
Chip: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoS,
2010 2011 2012