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Dog Show in which our dogs participated in:

2011 2012 2013

Id. 3942012-12-15 - 2012-12-16
Vilnius (Lithuania) National show

Pre-Christmas trip to Lithuania was hampered by bad weather. We gave up on the second day of the show to get home earlier. I picked up a new puppy from russian kennel A'VIGDORS - a new breed in our kennel - FRENCH BULLDOG.
We brought male A’VIGDORS NOBLE CHEVALIER DE MON COEUR / black tabby / born 11.09.2012. Very nice dog with a beautiful head.
We presented Deil, who won the race and was on the 3rd deposit group III.

Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoG 3, BoB,

Id. 3932012-11-25
Bydgoszcz (Poland) National show

National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz. Deil new Polish Champion. Winner of the breed - BOB. Helena's last start in youth with a good accent. Helen wins BIS Junior.

Helena: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BIS Junior 1,
Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoS,

Id. 3922012-11-18
Zagreb (Croatia) International show

We spent a great wekend in Zagreb. We went to 3 shows and meet up with friends Zeljka and Gordan. Twelve-hour drive, but came back with CHAMPION OF CROATIA - DEIL. In addition, the second place at BIS on the club exhibition, titles "Club Winner" and "ZAGREB WINNER 2012".
Our youngest treasure KISS at the club exhibition BEST PUPPY and PUPPY BIS I.
Thank you Michael for the great exposure and a nice atmosphere.

Kiki: P 1,
Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoB,

Id. 3912012-11-17
Zagreb (Croatia) International show

Kiki: VP 1,
Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC,

Id. 3902012-11-16
Zagreb (Croatia) Club show

Kiki: BIS Puppy 1, VP 1, BestP,
Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BIS 2,

Id. 3892012-08-26
Bialystok (Poland) International show

Far away with success. Helenka best junior in breed, and Gucio third CAC to championship. We were not in the finals because of the long journey home.

Gucio: exc 1, CAC,
Helena: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ,

Id. 3882012-08-19
Torun (Poland) National show

It was the first Kissy trip to the exhibition. We wanted that she met other environment and other dogs. She was not exhibited at the show but behaved positive. After moments of fear was running with other dogs and was great fun. Two dogs were exhibited Gucio and Deil. Gucio was Best of Breed and Deil Best in the third group.

Gucio: exc 1, CAC, BoS,
Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoG 1, BoB, BoS,

Id. 3872012-08-11
Sopot (Poland) International show

Deil best minibull in breed / CAC, CACIB, BOB /.
Big thank Michael for the great hendling

Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoB,

Id. 3862012-08-05
Druskieniki (Lithuania) type Bull Club show

As every year we went to Lithuania to Druskininkai. There were there two international exhibitions and clubs. We came back from there, Junior Champion of Lithuania - Helen of three exhibitions was Best Junior. At the club 3rd place in BIS Junior and JUNIOR CLUB WINNER title. Deil on the international CACIB and on club terrier the best dog and Club Winner 2012.

Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoS, BIS 2, Cl.W. '12,

Id. 3852012-08-05
Druskieniki (Lithuania) Terriers Club show

Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoS, Cl.W. '12,

Id. 3842012-08-05
Druskieniki (Lithuania) Dachshund Club show

Helena: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, Cl.W. '12,

Id. 3832012-08-04
Druskieniki (Lithuania) International show

Helena: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ,
Deil: exc 1,

Id. 3822012-08-03
Druskieniki (Lithuania) International show

Helena: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ,
Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC,

Id. 3812012-07-29
Bedzin (Poland) National show

Gucio's debut in the middle class - the best in breed. Deil and Helena were not worse than Gucio, also won the race. In addition, Deil BOG III, and Helen BOG II.

Gucio: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoS,
Helena: exc 1, WoJ, BoG 2, BoB,
Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoG 3, BoB, BoS,

Id. 3802012-07-01
Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland) National show

National Show in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Deil 3rd place in Group III, Larry Best Veteran in Breed.

Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoG 3, BoB, BoS,
Larry: exc 1, CAC, BoBV,

Id. 3792012-06-24
Szczecin (Poland) International show

Helen won the junior class and ended POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION.

Helena: exc 1, WoJ,

Id. 3782012-06-23
Szczecin (Poland) International show

Larry was again on the BIS Veteran. Deil Best of Breed / CAC, CACIB. /

Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoS,
Larry: exc 1, BIS Vet 4, BEST Vet,

Id. 3772012-06-02
Leszno (Poland) International show

Two of our dogs, Larry and Deil again have caused us a lot of joy great success at the international Prestige exhibition in Leszno. Larry was the best veteran in the race and 2nd place at the BIS Weteran. Deil got another CACIB, BOB and second place in group III.
Thank you Michael for a beautiful show with our dogs. Nice to see how they go crazy for you and how you are able to make contact with them.

Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoG 2, BoB, BoS,
Larry: exc 1, BIS Vet 2, BestVet,

Id. 3762012-05-27
Antoninek (Poland) Dachshund Club show

Today, Helen was the best junior in breed - the title of JUNIOR CLUB WINNER 2012.
Starting at the BIS JUNIOR she took 4th place.

Helena: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BIS Junior 4,

Id. 3752012-05-26
Antoninek (Poland) Hunting Dog Breeds show

Helen in the age of 9 months and 1 day made her debut in junior class at the hunting dogs show in Antoninek. She was chosen the best junior, won the race and took 1st Junior Bis place. Then she won the IV group and took 2nd place at Best in Show. A very promising debut in the Juniors. Together with Don Rodrigo were the best pair of exhibitions.

Helena: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoG 1, BoB, BIS 2, BIS Junior 1,

Id. 3742012-05-20
Salzburg (Austria) World show

On the third day we presented our Helen in the puppy class. She defeated the rival, and was the best bitch in breed for puppy class.
Unfortunately in the finals unnoticed by the judge.
After all, the trip was very successful. Great atmosphere among the breeders and nice weather, not forgetting the spectacular mountain views.
Thank you Michael and Kate for the presentation of our dogs.

Helena: VP 1, BestP,

Id. 3732012-05-19
Anif (Austria) Club show

On the second day We attended a club show without the Hendler. For 10 dogs exhibited in the junior class Deil was on the box on second place. The upward trend.

Deil: exc 2,

Id. 3722012-05-18
Salzburg (Austria) World show

The first day did not begin very happily. Deil for 12 dogs exhibited in the junior class, was selected in the top six, but without the position.

Deil: exc,

Id. 3712012-05-06
Lodz (Poland) International show

On Sunday we presented boston GUCIO, which was the best junior dog in breed and thus ended the fight for the title JUNIOR CHAMPION POLISH.

Gucio: exc 1, WoJ,

Id. 3702012-05-05
Lodz (Poland) International show

In the last days of long weakend we spent with success at the international exhibition in Lodz. The first day we presented the Helena, which finished on second place BIS Puppy. Larry starting in the veteran class, was best veteran on the first day of the exhibition (BIS VETERAN I).

Helena: BIS Puppy 2, VP 1,
Larry: exc 1, BIS Vet 1, BEST Vet,

Id. 3692012-05-01
Dobre Miasto (Poland) National show

Super show! After a long break, Larry has presented itself in the class of veterans. It was a huge success, he was voted the best veteran of the exhibition ( BEST VETERAN, BOB, BIS VETERAN ). It was a great joy for us that we could show eight years of Larry's in such good shape. Separate thanks to Wojtek for your help and a beautiful show Larry at the group III, where we presented our two dogs, Larry and Deil. Gucio Junior Winner, and Deil (CWC, BOS and BOB). Thanks to Michael for his professionalism with which we were able to achieve such results.

Gucio: exc 1, WoJ,
Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoS,
Larry: exc 1, BIS Vet, BEST Vet,

Id. 3682012-04-28
Opole (Poland) International show

A very successful Deil debut in the intermediate class at the international exhibition in Opole. He won the race BOB and first CACIB. Thank you Michael for showing Deil in the ring. "Redhead" only hear the voice of the upcoming Michael wants to jump out of the cage, fond of his Hendler.

Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoB, BoS,

Id. 3672012-04-15
Inowroclaw (Poland) National show

Gucio: exc 2,

Id. 3662012-04-14
Grudziadz (Poland) National show

Courtesy of Kate and Michael could show Helena and Gucio on exhibition in Grudziadz. Helen was the best puppy of the exhibition. Thank you Kate for your help and to achieve such success with Helenka.
Gucio our Boston professionally presented by Michael won the junior class. Big thank Michael for help and so a good result.

Gucio: exc 1, WoJ,
Helena: BIS Puppy, VP 1,

Id. 3652012-04-14
Galanta (Slovakia) Club show

We spent the past weekend with Deil in Slovakia bull terrier club show. The exhibition was involved 105 dogs, including 32 miniatures.
Deil presented super. He was the best dog of the exhibition Best in Show. He won the junior class, was Junior Club Winner of Slovakia, best junior and winner of the race.

Deil: exc 1, BestJ, BoB, BIS, CAC.J,

Id. 3642012-03-17
Katowice (Poland) International show

Gucio's debut in the Polish ring in Katowice. Second place in the four dogs in junior class with excellent note.

Gucio: exc 2,

Id. 3632012-03-11
Birmingham (England) International show

Nasz czwarty wyjazd do Anglii na prestiżową wystawę Crufts okazał sie sukcesem. I took two dogs. Boston Terrier "Gucio" and Deil. Gucio competed in the puppy class, and unfortunately did not get to the place, but showed a strong competition properly. He was showed by Wildax kennel owners granddaughter. He is still young and I hope that will show what he can do.
After two days break on Sunday Deil showed up in the ring in Junior Special class. Deil appealed to the judge and won his class in large numbers gathered audience applause. This is already our second victory in the class at that show. Two years ago Gabi made this.
Thank you Anna Kozber for great time on this long trip and a professional show Deil in the ring.

Deil: BoC,

Id. 3622012-02-26
Leszno (Poland) Champion show

We went with Deil the annual Champion of Champions in Leszno. Unfortunately, we did not get to the finals. We finished on winning the race starts / BOB /.

Deil: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoS,

Id. 3612012-02-12
Bydgoszcz (Poland) National show

After a short rest after Rzeszow showed our dogs at the show in Bydgoszcz. Deil repeated his success from Saturday and again the first on BIS JUNIOR. Helen Second the Bis BABY. This time, Deil shown by his favorite Hendler Michael, also beat all competitors in the race. Barry third time led our Helen on the final podium - 2nd on the BIS BABY.

Helena: BIS Baby 2, VP 1,
Deil: exc 1, WoJ, BoB, BIS Junior 1,

Id. 3602012-02-11
Rzeszow (Poland) International show

Trip to frozen Rzeszow was with good results. Pita winning the race ( CAC in champion class ) completed the POLISH CHAMPION.
Her daughter Helen was Best Baby in Breed. Deil was the best junior in breed and the first BIS JUNIOR.
Darek Jasiński Thank you very much for your help in showing the Deil in the finals and with such success.

Helena: VP 1,
Deil: exc 1, WoJ, BIS Junior 1,
Pita: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoB,

Id. 3592012-01-28
Glogow (Poland) International show

Saturday was better, Helen was 4th on the BIS BABY. Barry, as always wykrzesała from it as best he can. Barry, as always showed what her best.

Helena: BIS Baby 4, VP 1,

Id. 3582012-01-27
Glogow (Poland) International show

International exhibition in Glogow passed us with varying degrees of success. On Friday the show is finished Deil and with very good. The judge from Ireland was very precise and stated that the Deil should be more widely set canines. The rest of the description perfectly. We have not discussed with the judge and in a good mood, we went home.

Deil: vg 2,

Id. 3572012-01-06
Mielno (Poland) National show

The Epiphany started the 2012 exhibition season with the Royal show in Mielno. At sea, was a big storm, and we have great success. From the victories began its debut Helen in baby class. She graduated Bis Baby from the second place. She has demonstrated very well. Kasia Czapla has demonstrated her. that every day for several days preparing for the debut of Helena. Kasia every day for several days was preparing Helen for her debut. The exhibition shows the work was inserted. Cosmetics took up Bodziu. All these efforts yielded great results.
And of course did not disappoint Deli, which was the best junior in breed, then was the first in the whole race mini. At the finals he won the elections for the best type of Bull, and the encore was in the junior eight and on the end he took fourth place in the BIS group III. Of course, professionally shown by Michael Tuliszewski. Thank you Michael.

Helena: BIS Baby 2, VP 1,
Deil: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoG 4, BoB, BIS TB 1,
2011 2012 2013