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Dog Show in which our dogs participated in:

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Id. 4422014-11-23
Bydgoszcz (Poland) National show

Heidy at the age of 9 years, after a long break in the ring presented in the veteran class. She showed in how great is the condition of becoming the best veteran in breed. Thank you Paweł for the beautiful presentation of Heidy.

Heidy: BoBV,

Id. 4412014-10-19
Poznan (Poland) International show
Pola: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, Jun.PL.Win '14,
Tofik: exc 3,

Id. 4402014-10-18
Poznan (Poland) International show

Tekla: BoBP, VP 1,

Id. 4392014-10-18
Poznan (Poland) International show

Tekla: BoBB, VP 1,

Id. 4382014-10-05
Darłowo (Poland) National show

Beautiful sunny weather by the sea in Darłowo, an exhibition with success. Our Pola was the best junior in the race, won the race, on the Junior BIS on 2nd place and at the end 4th place of a group IX.

Pola: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoG 4, BoB, BIS Junior 2,

Id. 4372014-09-14
Zakroczym (Poland) type Bull Club show
Macy: exc 1, CAC, BoS, Cl.W,

Id. 4362014-08-31
Bialystok (Poland) National Terriers show

Macy: exc 1, CAC, BoS,

Id. 4352014-08-30
Bialystok (Poland) International show

Macy: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoS,

Id. 4342014-08-24
Sopot (Poland) International show

Pola in a very high rate in adolescents (15 females) was in top 6.

Pola: exc,

Id. 4332014-08-23
Sopot (Poland) International show

It was a very nice trip to Sopot. Deil after a year's break, repeated his success in Sopot winning BOB again. Penelope, this time defeated - RCACIB, but BOB grabbed her brother Leo. Original Lady second place with an excellent note.

Macy: exc 1, rCACIB, CAC,
Lady: exc 2,
Deil: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoB,

Id. 4322014-08-09
Helsinki (Finland) World show

Traditionally we visited world exhibition. Two times 1300 km with one overnight stay. Penelope with excellent note 3rd place in the youth (eight starters). It was a nice meeting with old friends from all over Europe.

Macy: exc 3,

Id. 4312014-08-03
Druskieniki (Lithuania) Club show

Unmerciful heat for three days of exhibitions. Despite the heat very successful trip. Penelope on 4 shows - 4 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x Club Winner, CRUFTS qualification, BOB and BIS II.

Macy: exc 1, CAC, BoB, BoS, BIS 2, Cl.W,

Id. 4302014-08-03
Druskieniki (Lithuania) Club show

Macy: exc 1, CAC, Cl.W,

Id. 4292014-08-02
Druskieniki (Lithuania) International show

Macy: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoS,

Id. 4282014-08-01
Druskieniki (Lithuania) International show

Macy: exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BoS,

Id. 4272014-07-27
Chojnice (Poland) National show

National Dog Show in Chojnice held in high heat. There were successes. Pola once again the best junior in breed and 2nd place at JUNIOR BIS. Penelope Best of Breed and 3rd place in the Group III.

Pola: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BIS Junior 2,
Macy: exc 1, CAC, BoG 3, BoB, BoS,

Id. 4262014-07-20
Koszalin (Poland) National show

A successful trip to Koszalin. Our dogs acquitted themselves very well. A new hendler Goshia debuted in the absence of Michael. Pola - bulldog was best junior in breed and 4th place in the Junior BIS. Second Janis beyond deposit with excellent note. Penelope excellent in junior class, best junior, winner of the race, the first in the BIS type BULL, # place on BIS JUNIOR first in the group BOG.

Pola: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BIS Junior 4,
Janis: exc,
Macy: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoG 1, BoB, BIS Junior 4, BIS TB 1,

Id. 4252014-07-06
Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland) National show

Pola: VP 1, BestP,
Janis: exc,

Id. 4242014-07-06
Olsztyn (Poland) National show
Lady: exc 1, CAC, BoS,

Id. 4232014-06-28
Szczecin (Poland) International show

At the international show in Szczecin Pola Negri debuted. Michael showed her perfectly. She won the puppy class, was best puppy in breed and at the end with a strong accent 2nd place on BIS puppy. Janis in the junior class with excellent note.

Pola: BoBP, BIS Puppy 2, VP 1,
Janis: exc,

Id. 4212014-04-12
Grudziadz (Poland) National show

I am very pleased with our girls Penelope, which develops great and successful in the show ring. Today at the show in Grudziadz starting in junior class she beated all competitors in the race. In junior BIS she was the second junior on exhibition and took 2nd place among dogs of group III.

Macy: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoG 2, BoB, BIS Junior 2,
Tofik: exc 1, CAC,

Id. 4202014-03-09
Vilnius (Lithuania) International show

An unforgettable trip to Vilnius. Beautiful weather, nice atmosphere, Feast Kaziuków and return with a Champion title.
Penelope twice the best junior in breed, and BOB on the second day. Returns with JUNIOR CHAMPION OF LITHUANIA title.
Thank you Robert for your help and nice time.

Macy: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ, BoB,

Id. 4192014-03-08
Vilnius (Lithuania) International show

Macy: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ,

Id. 4182014-03-02
Drzonków (Poland) International show

Macy: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ,

Id. 4172014-02-09
Bydgoszcz (Poland) National show

We visited two exhibitions in Bydgoszcz. Great news, Leon in third exhibition in the Junior class ended POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION. Penelope on the night Junior Winner and Best Junior, and on Valentine's place 2/3.
Maja 3/3 /bdb/ and 1/3 exc.CAC.

Macy: exc 1, BestJ, WoJ,
Maja: exc 1, CAC,

Id. 4162014-02-08
Bydgoszcz (Poland) National show

Macy: exc 2,
Maja: vg 3,

Id. 4152014-01-26
Glogow (Poland) International show

Tofik: exc 3,
Maja: exc 4,

Id. 4142014-01-06
Mielno (Poland) National show

Janis: BoBP, VP 1,
Tofik: exc 1, CAC, BoS,
Maja: exc 1, CAC, BoS,
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