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Id. 462009-08-18
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today 18th August Heidy gave birth to 4 puppies. Three bitches are: white, ore with white and striped with white. The dog is striped with white. More in Puppies division.

Id. 452009-07-10
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today's ultrasound confirmed that Heidy is pregnant. Father of puppies is the Warbonnet Jon Bon. Planned birth 19.08.2009r.

Id. 442009-06-23
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Yesterday 22.06.2009 Niagara have born 5 beautiful puppies. Two white bitches, an ore with white meanings, and 2 dogs with a white stripe. Puppies and mom feel good. It is very balanced litter.

Id. 432009-06-22
Lubieszyn (Poland)

There was 2 exhibitions on this day - terrier club and terrier type Bull club. We did not expose our dogs, but is very well demonstrated in our breeding dogs. At the terrier club Kazzo (Million Miles) living in Croatia won the race (BOB) and at bis he was in the final 6. Roxy finished Polish Junior Champion (2 days), at the type bull club she won the race and was the best Junior in the race. In the finals she was on the 1st place in the Derby. Won the bis junior and at the bis was on 2nd place. Jacek Bravo for such a great success and such a professional hendling. Rockefeller in the youth class at all 3 exhibitions was on 2nd place with excellent note and very nice descriptions.

Id. 422009-05-31
Blackpool (England)

I was visiting our friend Jacqui from Warbonnet breeding. It imported two-month minibullterrier dog „JUMPING JACK” (d.o.b. 01.04.2009).

Parents are:
father: Jon Bon Warbonnet
mother: Seaquest Miss Dynamite – best female Cruft’s 2006, English, Swedish, Luxembourg and French Champion

Pipsqueak is a great three colored dog, 1,700 km journey by car lifted smoothly. We are very grateful to Jacqui for the support and priority in the selection of the entire litter.

Id. 412009-03-01
Leszno (Poland)

Today at the Champion Exhibition in Leszno, a dog from our breeding LIKE NO ONE finished POLAND CHAMPION. Big Congratulations to owner - Jack for a huge effort in preparing the dog for exhibition. Only we know how much work it cost you. The same time we thank you for created conditions and for giving so much love to the LIKE.

Id. 402009-01-30
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

On Friday, January 30, ESCHKA z Machova Kraje left us. She lived over 10 years. Our very popular and super mom to the puppies. She will be in our memory as a muscular winner Wright pulling in Zaniemysl.

Id. 392009-01-25
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today Buster come back from a long expedition. He was on 4 exhibitions and won:
3x CAC
1x r.CAC
2x r.CACIB
2x BOB
2x BIS 1
As you can see, he presented in a dignified, winning two exhibitions (club and national).

Id. 382009-01-12
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Heidy has born 4 puppies: two females (striate and white) and two striate males.

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