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Id. 562010-12-07
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today's ultrasound confirmed that SiSi is pregnant. Happy daddy is our Chip. The planned birth in the first days of January 2011.

Id. 552010-11-25
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today, Niagara gave birth to 7 puppies. Four red males and 1 white and 2 white females. It was a natural birth babies and mom are doing well.
Weight of pups around 250g - 290g.

Id. 542010-11-11
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Tonight Gabi gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies - 5 males and 3 females. Natural childbirth and trouble-free. Gabi gave birth to 4 hours. Puppies and mom are doing well.
Coat puppies:
-White dog with the importance of the right eye
-Male tabby with white
-White dog with markings on the ears
-Male tabby with white
- Female tabby with white
- Female white with markings on the ears
- Female black and white

Id. 532010-10-18
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today Niagara's ultrasound confirmed that we can expect the puppies.

Id. 522010-10-12
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today's ultrasound confirmed that Gabi is pregnant. The Term for the birth of the puppies is a 12-13.11.2010.

Id. 512010-05-17
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Tradewind ( our nursling ) arrived to us from Serbia. We want go with him to several exhibitions in Poland and Europe. We have sent PLL tests as soon as we get the results we will get to know. Trade is 35 cm tall, perfect scissor bite and wide-set teeth.
He was exhibited three times in Serbia in the intermedie class - 3 x CAC, 2 x BOB, 1 x BOG. He received very good descriptions from the judges. Soon we will show his photos.

Id. 502010-05-03
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

Today we received the „Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) test results from OFA – USA

  • female BLONDIE - CARRIER
  • female BONITA - CARRIER
We are very satisfied with this results.

Id. 492010-05-01
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

We are pleased with the message from Czech Republic. A female dog from our kennel TEQUILA was nominated for CRUFT 2011 and finished Junior Czech Champion and Junior Champion Club Czech.- congratulations

Another nice message from the Lodz (Poland) – Rockefeller and Remember Me also acquired skills for Cruft 2011 - congratulations.

Id. 482010-02-11
Ewimark Rakownia (Poland)

We tested our mini bullterrier dogs for the „Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) disease.
The tests was performed in OFA – Columbia (USA):

  • Sera De Bullcok - CLEAR
  • Heidy Ewimark - CLEAR
  • Niagara Ewimark - CLEAR
  • Warbonnet Jumping Jack - AT RISK
  • Zeta Jones Eewimark - CARRIER

Id. 472010-02-10
Bangkok (Thailand)

The Lord changed the place of residence and proceeded to warm Thailand. We hope that the Lord will make the new owner as much joy like us and will be making famous breeding Parabellum and Ewimark Rakownia.

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